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Persona 4: Golden Will Have New English Voices For Teddie And Chie, Too


As you may have heard by now, Teddie and Chie will have new English voices in Persona 4: Arena, as indicated by a recent video of the game. At E3, I had the chance to speak with Atlus USA’s Aram Jabbari about both of the company’s upcoming Persona 4 titles—Persona 4: Golden and Persona 4: Arena—and Jabbari confirmed to me that Arena’s new Teddie and Chie voice-overs will carry over into Golden as well.


“With Persona 4: Golden, there’s 40% (roughly) additional voiced dialogue with all the additional content,” Jabbari said to me. “A decision had to be made, with regards to the consistency of the experience. So it was decided that those characters are…”


“Rerecorded?” I asked.


“Yes,” he replied. “That said, it’s important fans don’t base their impressions on the [Persona 4: Arena] tutorial video.”


On the bright side, Persona 4: Arena will include both English and Japanese voice tracks. Atlus USA announced this yesterday.

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