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Persona 4 Sake Bottle Features Teddie

Persona 4 sake
Image via PR Times

Nexus will collaborate with Atlus to release a sake based on Persona 4. Pre-orders are open via the Sake Tsunagi online shop. The sake is a junmai daiginjo, which is a traditional Japanese rice wine. It costs 4,500 JPY (around $32.15) per bottle, and Tsunagi will start sending them out from July 10, 2023. It does not seem to offer international shipping.

The Persona 4 sake bottle has a picture of Teddie on it. There is also a Konishi Liquor Store stamp on the bottle. This is a reference to the store of the same name in Persona 4. The name of the Persona 4 sake is “Junmai Daiginjo Yasoinaba.” For reference, Yasoinaba is the name of the town that the protagonist moves to in the beginning of the game. The Yasoinaba has a bright, sweet, and fruity flavor that tastes best cold.

Persona 4 first came out in 2008 for the PS2. It follows the story of the unnamed protagonist, who moves to the boonies town of Yasoinaba for a year. A series of bizarre murders rock Yasoinaba at the same time. The protagonist and his friends discover that the murders are being committed using a mysterious TV World, which they can also enter. Nexus suggests that fans who spent their summers uncovering the murder mystery as students of Yasogami High School can relive their Yasoinaba days with this wine.

The Persona 4 sake is available for pre-order via Sake Tsunagi and will ship out from July 10, 2023 in Japan. Persona 4 appeared on the PS2, while Persona 4 Golden is on the PS4, Vita, Switch, Xbox One, and PC.

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