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Persona 5 And Persona 3 Dancing Will Have A New Mode With Character Interactions



Following the look at Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night’s latest trailers and details, Atlus had more to reveal in this week’s issue of Famitsu magazine. [Thanks, Hachima.]


The information comes from an interview with P-Studio’s Kazuhisa Wada:

  • The games are being made with an incredible sense of completion.


  • With the two titles being developed simultaneously, the team is working together to give everything they’ve got, and not cut any slack just because it’s double the volume.


  • In order to give characters more distinct motions that reflect Atlus has a dancer for each character.


  • Partner dances will also show their relationships with different choreography.


  • This time you can choose a partner for each Fever.


  • Unlike Persona 4: Dancing All Night that took place in an alternate world, these two will be set in a familiar stage.


  • Hair colors and colored lenses can be individually selected from the accessories, allowing for more variety of combinations.


  • There are plans for DLC.


  • There will be a new mode that lets you enjoy character interactions, and plenty of other new elements.


Persona 5: Dancing Star Night and Persona 3: Dancing Moon Night release in Japan on May 24, 2018 on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita. You can check out the latest trailers in our previous report.

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