Persona 5 Royal Card Game is in the Works

persona 5 royal card game

Pandasaurus Games has announced that it will release a card game based on Persona 5 Royal. The title of the card game will be the same as the actual one. Persona 5 Royal will come out on October 21, 2023. So far, the only thing we know about the gameplay is that it will be a “cooperative card-based strategy game” and that you will be able to play as the Phantom Thieves.

Emerson Matsuuchi is the designer of Persona 5 Royal (Pandasaurus). He previous worked on the Century: Eastern Wonders and Foundations of Rome board games. As for Pandasaurus Games, it specializes in card and board games such as Dinosaur Island and That Time You Killed Me. Persona 5 Royal is the first video game that Pandasaurus is collaborating with.

As Persona 5 Royal (Pandasaurus) specifically uses Royal, it is likely that new characters such as Yoshizawa and Maruki will appear in some capacity. It may also use new elements of the gameplay such as Showtimes. Pandasaurus Games has stated that it will have Palaces and the Velvet Room, though it is unclear how they will work in card game format. Though Persona 5 Royal (Atlus) originally came out in 2019, it still appears in collaborations with other games. For example, NieR Reincarnation and Alchemy Stars both had Persona 5 characters appear earlier this year.

Persona 5 Royal (the card game) will release on October 21, 2023.

Stephanie Liu
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