Persona 5 Royal Mod Makes Female Joker Real

persona 5 royal playable female joker mod
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A mod that lets you play as a female version of Joker in Persona 5 Royal is now available on Gamebanana. This mod will feature the voice talent of Alexa Farron (VentyWenty) in the English version, and Maaya Sakamoto in the Japanese. When playing as a girl, you can date both male and female characters.

This mod is only available on the PC version of Persona 5 Royal. She looks essentially like Joker but with longer hair and alternate outfits. The anime cutscenes and title screen still use the male Joker. In a note on Gamebanana, the modder chlorophylls noted that you will be able to romance Ryuji, Yusuke, Mishima, Akechi, Haru, Hifumi, Takemi, and Ann. Kasumi is not a romanceable option.

Other than that, the mod mostly replaces Joker’s model in the overworld and in battle. In gameplay, Joker will be able to use female-only armor but no longer be able to wear male-armor. There are some new event animations, as well as altered dialog. The Kindness requisite to start Ann’s Confidant no longer exists. This is likely due to the fact that a fellow girl can easily relate to Ann. Finally, you will be able to enter the girls’ bathrooms in Shujin.

While Persona 3 gave players the option to choose whether we wanted to play as a male or a female in the P3P port, subsequent Persona titles did not grant us that liberty. Aside from cosmetic changes, the girl protagonist in Persona 3 used different weapons and had access to different Social Links as well.

Persona 5 Royal is readily available on the PS4, PS5, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and Windows PC. The female Joker mod is available on Gamebanana.

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