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Persona 5 Scramble Gets a Flashy New Trailer Showcasing Characters and Gameplay


Atlus released a flashy new trailer for Persona 5 Scramble with a good look at its characters and gameplay.

Persona 5 Scramble takes place months after the events of Persona 5. An investigator named Zenkichi Hasegawa approaches the Phantom Thieves, who were planning their summer vacation. He suspects they were behind an incident involving Shadows that have been stealing people’s hearts and imprisoning them in “Jail.” These Jails are similar to Palaces, but ruled by powerful Shadow Selves known as “Kings.”

Instead of arresting them, Zenkichi offers the Phantom Thieves a chance to investigate the Jails. These incidents have been taking place all across Japan, so the gang will visit areas such as Sapporo and Sendai.

Persona 5 Scramble: The Phantom Strikers releases for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch in Japan in February 20, 2020.

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