Persona 5 the Animation Teases Futaba & Haru Scenes From “A Magical Valentine’s Day” OVA



Persona 5 the Animation is releasing a special OVA titled “A Magical Valentine’s Day” featuring interaction segments with protagonist Ren Amamiya and 11 other characters. Here’s a teaser for Futaba Sakura and Haru Okumura’s scenes.


In the case of Futaba Sakura:

Futaba: “I’m fine! I’m just not the most athletic. But I’m glad we showed up before it closing, there’s no one else, and it’s just us two.”

Futaba:”Er, nothing! I’m having a lot of fun! I always get to try new things when I’m with you, Ren. I wouldn’t be bored.”

Futaba: “Today is Valentine’s Day. So, erm. Just take it!”


In the case of Haru Okumura:

Haru: “Aren’t flowers that bloom during the winter just amazing? They’re very cute and admirable even though it is so cold.”

Haru: “Oh? Do you remember? That is correct. This here is the Erica canaliculata and the Christmas Rose. Christmas for Valentine’s Day? Now that’s just silly.”

Haru: “Sure! Let’s take a break.”

Haru: “Here, for you.”


Here are some screenshots for Futaba and Haru:


2019-06-20_062516 2019-06-20_061423






Persona 5 the Animation’s A Magical Valentine’s Day OVA releases on June 26 along with volume 12 of Persona 5 the Animation. Persona 5 is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 3. You can check out what’s new for Persona 5 Royal in our previous report.

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