Persona Stalker Club Episode 4: No, Not That Kind Of “Mara”

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In the fourth episode of “Persona Stalker Club,” the talk show featuring freelance writer Mafia Kajita and voice actress Tomomi “Isocchi” Isomura, the two Persona fans get together for more shenanigans. This time, they have yet another special guest as a surprise for fans.



The show starts out with the two hosts reading different fan letters, including a silly letter from someone that mentions he recently went to an animal exhibition at his local shopping mall, where he saw a big rodent that’s known as the “Mara”. He asks the hosts if they’re aware of such a majestic creature.


Isomura then comes up with the crazy idea of “How about we start a new corner that features all kinds of different Mara? We can have a featured Mara from different places!” While Kajita initially gets the wrong idea, Isomura clarifies that it’d be pretty interesting to see what other kinds of Mara there are out there.


After a brief section where they mess around with some dialogue from Persona 4 through fan letters, they move onto the next corner at 17:50, where the Persona makers answer all kinds of miscellaneous fan questions about Persona. According to the hosts, this corner was one of the least popular segments of Persona Stalker Club, which could explain its recent absence from previous episodes.


The first question asks if there is any kind of air-conditioning in Tartarus in Persona 3, considering that it was originally a school. The two hosts have a good chuckle about the question, saying that it’d be pretty annoying having a party member complain about the temperature just before fighting Shadows.


According to Atlus, since it was originally a school, it could have some air-conditioning in different areas, but since Tartarus is influenced by Shadows, it probably wouldn’t function, either way.



The second question is about the drag queen pageant in Persona 4, where Teddie takes first place and Yu gets second, according to the main story. However, a Persona fan asks who would win between Kanji and Yosuke, with his vote going to the sexy Kanji.


Kajita goes with Yosuke, but Atlus answers by saying that they’ll leave that up to your imagination, and Isocchi and Kajita make fun of them for the cop-out answer.


The third question is from a fan the sound you hear when a Persona gets summoned in Persona 3 and asks what makes that sound. According to Atlus, the gun-shaped Evoker has a function that brings out a Persona’s power by breaking (going beyond) conscious and unconscious boundaries. The moment this happens, it creates the sound you hear.


The next part is the fan-favorite segment of  “soramimi” antics of mangled lyrics to Persona songs. Episode 4’s guest is Lotus Juice, known for some of the lyrics and also singing/rapping them, as well.



Since Lotus-san hasn’t had many of his songs featured in this corner, this time they got a few for the special guest. The first song is “Joy” from Persona 3. The original lyrics say “jump around, jump around, jump around, now…” ends up sounding like a repeat of “choco-pan” and “choco corne,” followed by a humorous clip of a staff member named Matsumoto.



The second one is from Isomura, who put plenty of effort into doing a soramimi for Persona 3’s “Deep Breath Deep Breath”. During a part of the song, the lyrics say “Let it go, let it out, let it go, let it out. Take a deep breath. Deep breath, deep breath.”


Isomura hears it as “Nereyo, nerenai, nereyo, nerenai. Chiku chiku taku chiku taku chiku taku chiku” (Go to sleep, I can’t sleep, go to sleep, I can’t sleep. Tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock tick tock.)



A fan also submitted their own take for the same song; except this time, it’s for the part that follows the second one, where the lyrics are normally “touch the sky,” but ends up getting mangled as “toosutossuka?” (Is that some toast?) with Matsumoto getting the spotlight, again.


Next up, is the Midnight Station corner at 36:09, where we get to see the latest of all-things Persona, which shows a look at the DVD for the stage play, Persona 3: the Weird Masquearade and a glimpse at the recent event for Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


While on the subject of Persona Q, at 39:08 the duo challenge themselves to see if they can beat the first part of the game in under two hours, which the playtesters at the event were given five hours to complete.


For those of you who’d like to stay away from any opening spoilers for the game, you might want to end the video from there. Otherwise, keep watching to take a look at how the game starts out!

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