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Persona Stalker Club Episode 5: All About Adachi And Cabbage



It’s that time again, when Persona fans Mafia Kajita (freelance writer) and Tomomi “Isocchi” Isomura (voice actress) get together to talk about the series. In the show’s fifth episode, they have yet again, another very special guest.



In episode 5 of Persona Stalker Club, Isocchi and Kajita find themselves in their own special little Velvet Room. To commemorate the release of Persona Q, Kajita has the game’s logo on his head for the episode, and they go on to joke about how his head could easily be used for advertisement purposes.


They start out with a little survey using NicoNico Douga’s voting system, and ask how many hours players have put into Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth thus far. Keep in mind that the episode aired about two weeks after the release of the game.



As you can see in the image above, it’s pretty spread out, with “over 40 hours” having a slight edge over the other results. The top-left’s 19.7% are those who barely started, while the bottom-left part’s 13.3% for those who’ve already beat the game.


Kajita says he’s personally already over 50 hours in, and Isocchi is somewhere between 15 and 20 hours.


The next question asks which protagonist the viewers chose to use—Persona 3 or 4’s—which results in P4 coming in a little higher at 55.2% and P3 at 44.8%.


The third question asks viewers what their main reason was for purchasing Persona Q, which resulted in the following replies:


  1. Because I like Persona (68.7%)
  2. Because I like Etrian Odyssey (5.6%)
  3. Because I like RPGs (1.3%)
  4. Because it looked pretty fun (1.7%)
  5. Because I watched Persona Stalker Club (22.7%)


Kajita was jokingly bummed out because fans were being too honest, but Isocchi adds that they beat Etrian Odyssey, so it’s okay. Following, at the 13:38 mark, they show some footage from Persona 4 Arena Ultimax.


At 15:45, you might notice the music changing, along with the mood, and the song that plays when something strange is going on in Persona 4… followed by someone who sounds like Adachi.



…only to have Matsumoto and his “chocopan” from the previous episode make another appearance. He can’t seem to get enough of those!


Adachi’s voice actor Mitsuaki Madono does shows up as episode 5’s special guest, though, and they share a few Adachi facts, such as one fan mentioning that Adachi’s hobby is to do maintenance on his revolver gun, but as it turns out, since he can’t take home the one he owns, he actually likes to do maintenance on model guns at home.


One fan asks if Adachi is a smoker, since there was that one scene, where he’s shown with a lighter in his pocket. Madono points out that he is never shown smoking, but as it turns out, it’s something he keeps with him at all times to light Dojima’s cigarettes.



Madono and the two hosts get a good laugh upon seeing the image, as Adachi gives off a complete “slave’s look,” standing next to Dojima.


While Persona Stalker Club got a bunch of Adachi questions, one of the most common one was for Madono, and whether he had any difficulties when taking on the role of Adachi. According to Madono, it’s not that Adachi was difficult, but he saw Adachi as faulty character, which Madono sees as his best trait, and made it really fun for him to portray, due to his love of such characters.


He also mentions that he feels he can relate with Adachi more as an adult, and that he feels other people would probably be able to relate more as they grow older and understand what it’s like being in the common workplace.


Another fan notes that Adachi was always buying a bunch of cabbage, and asks what kind of food he makes with it, or if he can even cook in the first place. According to Atlus, he likes to slice it up with a side of mayonnaise and miso, and have it on the side with beer.


On a side-note, Madono mentions that he likes to cook, and one of his favorite cabbage foods is actually a quite simple little something that he recommends viewers, where you get sliced cabbage, mix in some ajitsuke-nori (flavored nori) and some sesame oil.


After messing around with some made-up Adachi lines for Madono to recite, the show goes into its Midnight Station segment at 43:15, as they show the latest of all-things Persona. For those of you looking forward to getting the Persona 4 Arena Ultimax arcade stick, they share a closer look at the 47:23 mark. As previously reported, the stick will be compatible with PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4.


They also show another look at the Adachi figure, which is actually still in its prototype form, according to Kajita. We also get to see a closer look at Kajita’s Izanagi ring (with him Madono flipping the bird) at 50:47, which will be sold at a later date.


2014-07-04_063558 Yay!


For those of you who were looking forward to the fan-favorite segment of “soramimi” antics of mangled lyrics to Persona songs, unfortunately, it looks like they didn’t have enough time this time around.

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