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Persona Stalker Club Returns With Episode 2


    Last month, we saw well-known Persona fans in freelance writer Mafia Kajita and voice actress Tomomi Isomura in the first episode of Atlus’ new Persona program, “Persona Stalker Club,” where the duo talked about all things Persona-related. Here’s a summary of the shenanigans the two got up to in the recently-aired second episode.



    Kajita and Isomura start the show by taking Persona Stalker Club-related questions and comments from fans. This begins at the 3:35 mark. The first fan notes that there seem to be several Persona goods around the two hosts, and asks if they could briefly show off these items.


    The items in question are basically various fan books and Persona magazines. While the two hosts have Persona drinks to go with mugs, Kajita jokingly complains about how they only gave them water to drink.


    The second fan asks what skill they would want, if they could have any Persona skill. Kajita says he’d like any buff-related skills, to which Isomura jokingly says that it must be to combat old age.


    At 6:55, the two hosts read out questions asked by fans that were personally answered by the Persona team.


    The first fan’s question asks: “Where exactly are Jiraiya’s eyes located?” Is it the shuriken-looking part or the circular parts that would make it look like frog eyes?” According to the Persona team, the eyes are actually located right below the two shuriken parts.


    The next question is: “What song does Yosuke listen to during combat?”

    Kajita believes that Yosuke is probably listening to some kind of music to pump him up for the fight. The Persona team reveals that Yosuke actually listens to western and Japanese music, along with soundtrack from films and more.


    Finally, the last question asks why Mitsuru’s father had an eye-patch. The reason behind it is that he was actually assaulted by Shadows while investigating Tartarus, and received a nasty wound.


    Around the 17:22 mark is the Midnight Station segment, where the duo show us the latest in Persona games and goods, starting with a look at a 1/12 size figure of a Persona 4: The Ultimax Suplex Hold arcade machine. It even comes with a chair and various interchangeable screens.


    They also give us a closer look at the Nanorich VC Aigis and Elizabeth figures that have built-in speakers that voice famous lines when you press their buttons.


    At 20:47, we get a glimpse of some DVD footage from Persona 3: the Weird Masquerade, a stage play based on Persona 3 that took place earlier this year. Kajita and Isomura actually went to go see the play together, and shared their praise for the on-stage Junpei and Fuuka for being excellent performers.


    Finally, at 22:20, we get to see the latest footage from Persona Q: Shadow of the Labyrinth.


    After a brief segment where the two hosts help out fans with their personal problems by giving them advice and Persona-themed answers, along with various facts on Personas, Kajita and Isomura go at it again with another silly session of what English Persona lyrics sound like to them in Japanese.


    According to the hosts, this part of the show was successful in the first episode, and was one of the most popular parts among Persona fans who got to check it out. This time, they got fans to submit their own lyrics.


    The first one is from Persona 4 Golden’s  popular song “Time to Make History,” where part of t he song says “step on up to the plate”. This somehow actually ends up sounding like “hekonda tsuna fureeku” (dented Tuna Flake).



    Isomura takes on the next one, with Persona 4’s “Your Affection,” the song that’s played during clear sunny days. The lyrics actually say “stream of tears they still think of the cause,” but Isomura interprets it as “shiimonkii desutte pikotto deta” (it popped out saying ‘I’m a sea monkey!’).


    The third song is “When the Moon’s Reaching Out Stars” from Persona 3. Isomura says that she loves the song and listens to it a lot, but because of that, it also means that she inevitably makes up lyrics for it. While the original lyrics to the song are “feeling heart best so close,” Isomura ends up hearing it as “purin no kabe sotto” (just slightly [taste] the flan’s exterior).


    (If you’re wondering Kajita is doing, licking the flan, he was also wondering the same during the recording, when he had no idea what it was going to be used for.)


    The fourth song is another one from Persona 4—“Your Affection,” where the lyrics say “changing day after day (-ay-ay-ay),” but as always, Isomura puts her magic to work and somehow perceives it to be “chinchin afuta-te, iei iei iei!” (a hand after chinchin). Of course, Kajita mocks her for how ridiculous it sounds.


    *Chinchin: another word for a Japanese “beg” command for dogs. (No, not the “Mara” that Kajita joked about, if that’s what you were thinking of.)

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