Petitrits Saber/Artoria Pendragon Model Feels More Customizable

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Bandai’s Petitrits line of figures always tend to be rather basic, but entertaining kits. You get an iconic Fate/Grand Order character. All of the pieces are made from colored plastic and include stickers, so you usually don’t have to worry about painting. There’s typically some minor articulation, which can boil down to “the character can hold their weapon.” But now that the Petitrits Saber/Artoria Pendragon model kit is here, we have a figure that finally offers a little bit more. (Editor’s Note: The figure product listings may appear under Saber/Altria Pendragon, as that name appears on the box.)

First, this is a model absolutely anyone can build. It’s one of the easiest kits out there to put together. Even though nippers are advised, you can pop all of the parts out of the runners without sprue cutters. This particular kit only has three runners and just under 50 parts. The instructions have both English and Japanese text. Two sheets of stickers are there to cover details like accents on armor and fur on capes. Not that I would advise it, but you could probably even figure out how to put it together without instructions.

Where the Fate/Grand Order Saber/Artoria Pendragon model gets fun is with its parts. Just looking at the box, someone might think it is similar to prior figures like Archer/Gilgamesh or Shielder/Mash. That is, she comes with her sword, Excalibur, and that’s it. (Stickers can make it look as though it is normal or if her Noble Phantasm is active.)  But she’s got a little more to offer than that. Her crown and cape are extra, optional accessories too.

What’s nice about both is that they are no fuss items. Saber/Artoria Pendragon’s ahoge keeps her crown in place when worn. Affixing it is simple enough. Plus, it is secure enough that repeatedly removing and replacing it isn’t an issue. I will say that the sticker makes her crown look a little cheap. Maybe avoid using that. As for the cape, it involves easy to apply stickers for the trim and clasp. Popping her head off to put it on and off also never feels like too much effort or pressure.

As a Petitrits kit, Saber/Artoria Pendragon will never be as expressive as more expensive models. Still she has more options than usual, which is nice. Altering her outfit helps a lot when posing potential is limited. Given who she is and her importance in the Fate/ series, I appreciate that her kit feels a bit more involved. While still basic, it makes her a little more special. Plus, it suggests this line of kits could get more detailed as time goes on.

Bandai’s Petitrits Saber/Artoria Pendragon model kits are immediately available, and it should be able to be found for around $15. Just remember to search for Saber/Altria if it isn’t coming up right away.

Jenni Lada
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