Phantasy Star Nova Details Four Classes, Including The New Buster class

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Phantasy Star Nova will have a new battle demo this August, that will let players test out the game with a fight against one of its giant monsters. Famitsu shares some info on four of the game’s classes, along with a look at some new screenshots from the demo.


Hunter: This classes specializes in short-ranged weapons like sword, partisan, and knuckles, to go with high HP and defense. The Hunters are all about attacking enemies head on while evading attacks, making it the perfect class for those who prefer to jump into the action.


In Phantasy Star Nova, they add a special feature for Hunters that lets you time regular attacks with a red circle to pull out a “Just Attack” that can do much more damage.


Ranger: If you want to go for something with long-ranged attacks, then you might want to consider going with Ranger. While they might not be the heaviest hitters, they can take out numerous smaller enemies that could take other classes a longer time to defeat.


This time around, there’s a new system called “Chain” that counts up for each attack you do to fill up your Chain meter. Once the meter fills up, you can unleash various effects like damage ups, and more.


Force: This class revolves around using long-ranged “Technique” attacks done by holding down buttons. In addition to the fire and ice-attributed attacks, Force can also use healing Techniques, but they have low HP, so they have to hang out in the back.


In the demo of Phantasy Star Nova, the Force class will have a healing Technique that lets them heal themselves and all allies around them. Knowing how to balance offense and healing is the key to playing as Force.



Buster: This is the newly added class for Phantasy Star Nova. They’re all-rounders that can use close-ranged weapons along with elemental and healing Techniques. However, their most notable feature is that they can use the exclusive “Pile” weapon.



The Pile puts energy together in some sort of pile-like shape, which can then be used to shoot at enemies. When an enemy is hit, they suffer an effect that makes them take extra damage, so you’ll want a Buster around for tough foes.


Their only downside is that they’re rather slow at attacking, so there’s a little learning curve at getting used to the Buster class. It’s recommended to join in on the attack by switching to sword after connecting some pile effects on enemies, when playing as a Buster class.



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As previously reported, the Phantasy Star Nova battle demo will have a fight against Gigantes, one of the giant monsters in the game. According to Famitsu, they struggled a bit in the fight as they weren’t able to reach with most of the attacks, but figured things out better after hitting its shiny yellow weak spots.


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The new “Halo” weapon has an effect that can create platforms to walk on, and also has a powerful Grand Arts ability called Resonance Cannon, shown in the above image.


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Phantasy Star Nova is slated for release in Japan sometime in 2014 for PlayStation Vita.

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