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Phantasy Star Online 2 Has A Currency Named “FUN”


Phantasy Star Online 2 has three kinds of currency: Meseta, Arcs Cash and “FUN”. Arcs Cash is acquired using real-world money. You can use Arcs Cash for access to additional customization features for your character, the ability to create and maintain more than a single character, and other perks. Sega have mentioned that they’re taking care not to lot this system hinder non-paying players or give paying ones unfair advantages.


FUN, on the other hand, is acquired through various other means, such as logging into the game frequently or if one of your friends summons your character as an AI support partner in their game. FUN can also be acquired by spending Arc Cash (clever, clever). Finally, there’s a feature in Phantasy Star Online 2, called “Good Job,” which is yet another way of acquiring FUN.


Good Job is like clicking the “Like” button on a social networking service, and you can use it to compliment or encourage other players that you’ve communicated with, along with an attached message. Clicking the Good Job button nets you FUN, too.


So, what does FUN do? You can spend it on a feature called “FUN Scratch,” through which you can acquire additional music to play in your My Room, hair accessories and other useful items that you can use in the game.


Slight correction: Meseta is still in the game. That makes this three forms of currency.

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