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Phantasy Star Online 2 Takes It Easy With A YuruYuri Collaboration



We’ve seen even stranger collaborations with Phantasy Star Online 2, but I doubt that many people saw this one coming, as Sega announced their latest with the slice of life comedy manga and anime, YuruYuri. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]



The collaboration features the four characters from the Amusement Club in Akari, Kyoko, Yui, and Chinatsu. Akari will even make an appearance at the in-game lobby, but it doesn’t look like she’ll stand out too much due to her lack of presence, but you might hear her trademark “Akkari~n!” sound coming from somewhere.


Her odango hairstyle buns will also be there, as part of the “Bun Bazooka” in some way, along with the magical girl series’ heroine, Majokko Mirakurun.



The collaboration will also include all kinds of other costumes as shown in the above image, and will go live sometime during the second half of November.

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