Your Phone Is A Source Of Power In Eerie Adventure Game Trackless

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The protagonist’s phone is a source of clues, advice, and special powers in Trackless, an adventure game about someone trying to solve trials in order to find a mysterious object that has been hidden in the mountains. 


As a Seeker, it is the player’s job to locate The Object, a strange, unknown monolith. To do this, they’ll need to explore trails that lead through the mountain, taking the player to eerie places that have been created with a dark, foreboding art style. Players will meet odd characters while on this journey, and their ability to tell which ones wish to help, and which ones wish them harm, will be key to finding The Object.

The Seeker’s phone is vital to figuring all of this out. It can be used to help guide the player when they are lost with clues, and can be upgraded using currency gained from puzzle solving. These upgrades will unlock various powers that will help clarify which path players need to take, who to speak to, and other useful pieces of information.


Trackless is available now on Steam.

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