Phosphorescent Lanze Takes Place In A World At War

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Phosphorescent Lanze, the fast-paced 3D shoot-em-up by AMZY, is out this week on the Nintendo eShop in Japan, and the developer has released a new gameplay trailer for the title, along with story details.


Phosphorescent Lanze appears to take place in another post-apocalyptic world where countries, as the term is known today, no longer exist. The collapse of humanity’s biggest hope, the World Union, saw to that end. Thus, Security forces have been created and mobilized to try to regain that which was lost.


As part of the former, players take on the role of Eins, a cyborg soldier with the power to transform between jet and human form. I don’t know whether to make a Saikano, Strike Witches or Mecha Musume reference here, so I’m giving you all three. The game’s impressive framerate is made even more so by the knowledge you can switch anytime between forms to suit the situation.


The operator of Ains is Seren, formerly a student of the sciences. Against all this there’s Ratail, the main opposing mech-lady—and possibly the strange voice we hear in the video above—for the enemy country/security forces.


Phosphorescent Lanze is out on the Nintendo 3DS eShop for 3DS in Japan later today.

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