Physics-Based Action Platformer MegaSphere Has A Robot With A Big Shiny Gun



    MegaSphere is a sci-fi themed action platformer about a robot with a big shiny gun battling its way through an unpredictable world. It looks best in motion so check out the video footage above.


    There are mad battle robots and vicious AI to take on in MegaSphere but by the most tricky enemy is the metallic environment. It regularly rearranges rooms and reconstructs levels to leave you in a hot spot. To battle this, you’ll have to move fast, and kill quick in order to reach the exit. You only get one life per go, so if you do die then you’ll have to restart inside another procedurally generated environment.



    Luckily, you do get some help in the form of upgrades. By killing robot builders, ransacking hidden storage units, and hacking AIs you can obtain these upgrades. They’ll allow you to turn your gun into a super weapon – this might be a homing flamethrower, or a wall-destroying graviton, or even a bouncing RPG. There are lots of possibilities.


    There are also upgrades that will make your suit tougher and tougher too – handy considering that this is a physics-based world and therefore is unpredictable. Others will help to increase your awareness so you can prepare for upcoming threats far in advance of confronting them, or reacting better to any surprises.


    If you’re into chaotic robot blasting then you’ll probably want to keep an eye on MegaSphere on its website.

    Chris Priestman

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