vampirerain.jpgMicrosoft is planning to release Vampire Rain in North America next week on July 3, but you can start nightwalker hunting a couple of days before the rest of the world. The Asian version of Vampire Rain is region free and Play-Asia is selling it for a lower price too, $44.99 versus $59.99 at the retailer down the street. While this doesn’t fall into the must have category for me, people who want to masquerade on Xbox Live as a vampire may be interested.


Also Transformers: The Game and Call of Juarez are region free Xbox 360 games, but by the time you add in shipping costs they aren’t that much cheaper than purchasing them in stores. The Darkness is a different story, but it has not been confirmed as a region free game. Prey, which 2K games released in Asia was region free, but you probably want to wait until it's confirmed as region free if you're thinking about placing an order.

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