Pier Solar Devs Helping To Bring Out A 24-Year-Old Sega Genesis Shooter In 2015

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Cinemaware originally made Sega Genesis action-shooter It Came From the Desert back in 1990 but never actually released it. Now, thanks to a collaboration with WaterMelon, the team behind Pier Solar and the Great Architects, it will finally be released for the Genesis in 2015.


It will be a full physical limited edition release titled “It Came From the Desert™: The Action Game – Extended Cut” which will have a case with a slipcover, a manual, a cartridge, and a mini-poster.


This new version of It Came From the Desert also has additional content that wasn’t included in the free ROM download released for emulators 10 years ago. This includes a new intro sequence, new cutscenes, a new ending sequence, and an ambiguous “additional gameplay elements.”


It Came From the Desert follows a teenage pest controller who has to save his girlfriend and the town of Lizard Breath from a giant ant invasion. So, yes, it’s an all-out B-movie of an action-shooter. You’ll be able to pre-order the game on its website in 2015.

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