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Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari Will Make Nintendo Switch Owners Feel Better in April

Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari

After originally releasing on 3DS back in November 2016, Nippon Columbia has announced the company is remaking Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari Shounika wa Itsumo Oosawagi for Nintendo Switch. It will be released on April 2, 2020 for 5,280 yen (~$48).

The third game in the Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari series (after prior DS and 3DS entries in 2011 and 2012, respectively) is unsurprisingly aimed more at the Nintendo Switch console’s younger audience. Working as a nurse in a pediatric ward in a general hospital, your job is to care for outpatients to hospitalized children and newborn babies through the game’s 15 minigames.

Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari screenshot

The minigames tell just part of the story, as Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari is essentially a simulation game at heart with an array of (voiced) characters and plenty of customization. There 87 clothing items to mix and match, including tops, bottoms, socks, and shoes, plus there’s a total of 35 hairstyle and hair color combinations to try out.

Featuring improved graphics over the previous 3DS release, the game’s controls are geared towards the Switch. Some of the included mini-games even require players to use the touchscreen.

Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari box art

Nippon Columbia is known for other cute games. For example, there is the Sumikko Gurashi: Sumikko Park e Youkoso party game and the company’s first game to release outside of Japan, Moco Moco Friends.

Pika Pika Nurse Monogatari Shounika wa Itsumo Oosawagi for Nintendo Switch will be released in Japan on April 2, 2020. A western release has yet to be announced.

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