Nintendo’s Shigeru Miyamotmo was working on a Pikmin game for the Wii at one point. That game is now being moved over to the Wii U, Miyamoto revealed at a Nintendo developer roundtable that Siliconera attended this evening.


"Pikmin was a Wii game I was working on", Miyamoto said during the meeting. Ever since he started to work with Wii U, Miyamoto thought HD graphics fit the series.


I think [Wii U] it is the perfect system for Pikmin, so we’re going to make it for that," Miyamoto revealed. He was a bit conflicted about mentioning Pikmin, since no Wii U titles have been announced according to Nintendo corporate policy. Miyamoto, however, wanted to make the announcement.


“Because we’ve been working on Pikmin for Wii, maybe the wait won’t be too long until its ready for Wii U,” Miyamoto coyly said before noting that Wii U-specific features have not been developed for Pikmin yet.


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