Pinball Game Was Originally Tested Out With An Actual, Physical Version In Tokyo



Pinball Parlor, a pinball game made with help from real-world pinball table developers, was originally prototyped with a physical table that was placed in an arcade in Tokyo.




Pinball Parlor seeks to recreate the experience of playing a real-world pinball table. Made with consulting help from Steve Kordek and John Popadiuk (which the developers received when working on the game back in 2003), a pair of important figures from pinball’s history, it aims to be as close to real-world pinball as digital pinball can get.


To further tweak its sense of realism, a physical copy of the game was prototyped in an arcade in Tokyo, Japan. In doing so, the developers could find out what players thought of it, and then transfer that experience into the game.




Pinball Parlor offers a single, well-researched table for players to enjoy, and is available now on Steam.

Alistair Wong
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