Pizza Hut Delivers Your Pizza With Some Tender Loving Love Live

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Teen idols need all the publicity they can get, so the girls from Love Live! School Idol Project have teamed up with Pizza Hut in a special collaboration.


The series about a bunch of schoolgirls trying to save their school by becoming school teen idols has done a tie-up with the pizza chain, which will see some of Pizza Hut’s delivery bikes gigged up with the Love Live! schoolgirls pictures.


A Pizza Hut store’s shutter walls have also been painted over, and it appears that even the branch name has been renamed to Otonokizaka—part of the name of the school the Love Live! girls come from.



Fans came from all over to see the shutters. If you’re wondering how this could be a thing, take a look at Lucky Star’s effect on the Washinomiya Shrine of Washimiya. Yeah.


Just what is this guy up to…?


A game, Love Live! School Idol Paradise Vol. 1 Printemps, is scheduled for a May 29 2014 release on the Vita.


Photos courtesy users @kaztsu, @ZoNico07 and @takaneimas via My Game News Flash.

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