Pizza Titan Ultra Is About Using Giant Mechs To Wreck Havoc (And Deliver Pizza)


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Getting pizzas delivered on time is a little bit easier when you’re piloting a ten-storey pizzeria that happens to be a powerful mech, but things get a little hairy when other giant robots want to fight in Pizza Titan Ultra.


In Pizza Titan Ultra, players will create their own custom pizza delivery mech, customizing it with their choice of parts to ready it for food prep and combat. When out in the world, players will be tasked with delivering pizzas to various places around the city, learning about friendship, defeating evil mascots, and helping inspire painters through the lighthearted story that comes with each delivery.

Players won’t just be hammering pizzas through the side of buildings, though, as trouble often rears its head throughout this arcade game. Players will use their custom mech to bash other machines that get in the way of their deliveries, punching through fast-paced combat. Should they wish to avoid a battle, they can use their turbo abilities to move at high speeds, but whether they’re fighting or not, they may still leave the city in shambles, as much of the environment is destructible.


Pizza Titan Ultra is currently in development.

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