Plague Road Is A Game Of tactical Survival In A Diseased World

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A plague doctor, having fled their responsibilities, now returns to the plague-ridden city they’d escaped, bringing back survivors while trying to stave off illness in Plague Road, a bleak, yet colorful tactical game. 


Players are tasked with exploring the plains and forests outside of an infected city, steadily making their way through the outskirts and into the city itself to find survivors and free them from the dangers within. These people can be brought back to a farm outside the city, finding a new life and contributing to society there, offering various benefits to the player like new potions, better abilities and weapons, or even a train that will let the player skip certain areas.

Players will want to bring some of these survivors back out into the wilds with them, though, as there are many monsters that have been created by the sickness that the player can’t handle alone. The various survivor types, like magic-slinging witches, healing nurses, or brutal soldiers, will give player an edge in the game’s tactical, grid-based, turn-based combat, helping them take down the misshapen creatures that stand in their way using abilities with an array of ranges and attack styles.

Survivors aren’t just in danger of their foes’ teeth and claws, though, as the plague is still a danger to these people. The plague acts as a status ailment that will temporarily boost the survivor’s power in combat, but will soon drive them out of their minds, having them turn on the other survivors.


No one being can fight forever, though, as each of the game’s warriors has a stamina count that wears down with their every action. Once that stamina is gone, they can’t do anything, and there are very few ways to recover it throughout Plague Road. Players will either want to avoid some fights, which will cost them new survivors and treasures, or flee back home to the farm once their fighters seem too weak to go on. Should they die along the way, though, they will be gone permanently.

Plague Road is available now on Steam and PS Vita. It is coming to the PS4 and Xbox One in the coming months.

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