Plan Train Routes For Cute, Lazy Aliens In Cosmic Express



Cosmic Express will have players laying down train tracks, doing it in such a way that they pick up all of their lazy alien passengers and drop them off where they want to go in one swoop.


Cosmic Express Screenshot (2)


Aliens of various types and colors are just hanging around in Cosmic Express. The lazy creatures have no intention of walking to the nearby places they need to go, which are all boxes with a similar-colored symbol, so it is up to the player to lay down a track that will bring the train to them, then carry them to their appointed box.


Players will soon have to create a route on the limited space they have to pick up and drop of passengers of different colors to different stations. Players also cannot lay out routes on top of one another, so they will have to create specific, winding paths to drop off all of their passengers without trapping themselves or being unable to make it to the exit door.


Cosmic Express Screenshot (4)


Cosmic Express is available now on Steam,, the App Store, and Google Play.

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