Planning & Teamwork Will Lead You To Victory In Multiplayer Shooter Due Process


Due Process features two teams of five working to either protect or defuse a bomb, but with limited ammo and a generated map, players will need to work together and construct a careful plan with their teammates in order to come out on top.


With its generated maps, Due Process aims to take map knowledge out of multiplayer shooters, instead tasking players with coming up with a unique plan every match. As such, players are given a short window to take a look at an overhead view of the map, which they can draw on freely in order to design a strategy based on entry points, walls that can be blown down, and cover, whether they’re attacking the bomb or defending it.

Players are given a stockpile of guns, explosives, smoke grenades, shields, and night vision goggles to take with them into each firefight. However, these tools can be taken by the other team should they be dropped by a killed player, and also, the ammo and weapon stockpile doesn’t refill after a match. Players will need to carefully dole out their tools, deciding if they should save their big guns for later rounds or go for an early advantage, as their supplies will quickly dwindle after multiple rounds.


Once in a match, players will need to communicate often, shouting out enemy positions and what they’re doing so that the team can continue to adjust its tactics on the fly, as walls may get blown open, enemies may do something unpredictable, and other things may shift the course of battle once the bullets start flying.

Due Process has no projected release date according to its Steam page.

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