Plantera Is Peaceful Gardening Game Filled With Cute, Chubby Animals

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Plantera gives players their own gardens to grow, letting them fill them with fruit trees and vegetables, gathering the produce as cute animals slowly come to the peaceful, natural place they’ve created.


Plantera gives players several different types of plants and vegetables to put in their garden, then has players collecting what they grow to gain experience and gold to spend on different plants. Not that the player has to do all of the harvesting themselves, as little blue helpers will naturally be drawn to the player’s garden as it grows, collecting fruits and vegetables for them (leaving them the gold for it) even when the game is off.

Not only will blue helpers come, but other animals will begin to show up as well, populating the garden with cows, chickens, and other cute wildlife. Not all of its is helpful, though, as some meaner animals will eventually show up to cause trouble. Players can choose to hunt these cruel critters down themselves, or they can invest in a dog to keep their garden safe.


Plantera has recently released on PS Vita, and will also let players grow their own gardens filled with chubby creatures on iOS, Android, and on their PCs through Steam.

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