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PlatinumGames Working On Several Unannounced Titles, Including A Special Action Game



At BitSummit Vol. 6 this past weekend, PlatinumGames’ Hideki Kamiya and Atsushi Inaba had a few words to share about their favorite games and some of the games they’re working on. Dengeki provides us with some coverage from the panel.


The panel started out with an introduction and the two were asked about their favorite genres. “I like things with deep stories, something I can play and sink my teeth into,” said Inaba.


Kamiya added “Since I develop many action games people assume that it’s action, but I’ll play shooters, strategy games, and just about anything.”


Next, they were asked what they would consider the perfect action game.


“I don’t know about perfect, but I like Castlevania which I played back in middle school. There was a lot of pop art at the time, and the photorealistic feeling it gave was impressive,” said Kamiya.


On the other hand, Inaba said “I don’t look for perfection when I play or make games, but the first thing I think about is how fun or original they are. Therefore, that thought has never crossed my mind, and I think if a perfect game were to be made, then it would be the end of it at that point.”



In the next part they were asked to talk about the “exhilarating combo system” that is characteristic of PlatinumGames’ work.


Kamiya and Inaba responded “It’s the result of going after something that we think would make you feel cool when playing, and that often ends up being the combo systems. However, we’ve never started game development based on having combos [laughs.]”


“Personally speaking, I hope to release games for Nintendo Switch and such next time,” said Inaba on the subject of sharing ideas. “I hope other creators continue communicating [ideas] without fear.”


The Platinum respresentatives were asked about game development budget that appears to be increasing more and more.


“There are often times overseas where the budget becomes too high that it ends up being setback. We want to create titles that communicate the power of PlatinumGames through its charm,” said Inaba.



“Just because you spend money it doesn’t mean you’ll make a good game, but in the end I want to make a game that is fun to make,” added Kamiya.


Lastly, Inaba teased “In addition to something that could change the concept of action games, we’re working on several unannounced titles behind the scenes. I can’t say anything about it now, but we’ll gradually share some information, so please look forward to it.”

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