Play A Game Of Cards When Not Helping The Lost Souls Of Final Theosis



As a ghost trying to escape purgatory, players are expected to help the living turn away from their sad or sinister ways. That doesn’t mean they can’t take a break here and there, stopping to play Final Theosis’ optional card game.




Players have the option to play a round of a simple card game as they play through the visual novel. They can use a basic deck to play a round, or, by accomplishing certain tasks that involve opening their hearts to other lost souls, players will be able to find rare cards to add to their deck, boosting their ability to win at the minigame.


When not goofing off with cards, players will be asked to help the living make better decisions about their lives by assisting with decisions and talking to other characters. If they help the living improve their lives, they will earn Graces, which can be used to buy in-game gifts.




Despite being dead, players will also find they have several romance options available to them, all of which will have an effect on the game’s ending. Players won’t have to play through all of the chapters to reach different conclusions as well, as the developer touts that players will have “Easy access to all routes so you don’t have to replay the first chapters.”


Players who wish to help the living and find out the mystery of their own character’s death can get Final Theosis from Steam now.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!