Set in the far distant future, htoL#NiQ or Firefly’s Diary follows Mion, an amnesiac girl that wakes up on December 31, 9999. Mion doesn’t know why she’s in some kind of ruins populated with shadowy creatures. You help her escape by controlling a firefly that guides her.


There are two fireflies in Firefly’s Diary one for light and one for shadow, each one has different abilities. The light firefly can make plants grow to open new paths for Mion. The shadow firefly can move through the shadows and use shadow link to move objects.


Mion can interact with objects like this umbrella and other gimmicks in the ruins. However, it looks like many of the areas are literally death traps like this room with spinning blades. The key to moving forward here is going into the shadow world.


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Shadows are dangerous and Mion has no usual way to defend herself against them. Controlling the firefly, you can protect Mion by activating different objects in the world. Mion is able to escape a giant shadow when the light firefly leads her and the shadow firefly triggers a gate that stops the shadow.


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While exploring the ruins you may find memory fragments that give you a glimpse of someone’s memories. These may give you an idea of what happened in the past and the truth about the Corpse. This elliptical horror is a swirl of plants and children’s corpses. Memory fragments can be found in hard to reach places.

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htoL#NiQ comes out in Japan on June 19 for PlayStation Vita.


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