You Can Play Your Oldies With This New Console

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The Super Retro Trio (SR3 for short) is the dream system you probably don’t need but you probably do want if you’re a collector or just happen to own a lot of ‘90s video games.


It’s a single piece of plastic glory that will play your original Nintendo Entertainment System games, your Super Nintendo games, Sega Genesis titles and—with an adapter—Game Boy Advance cartridges as well.


The black-red system made waves last year at E3 when it was shown off, but unexpected problems with controller mappings in their first few sets set back the system’s launch. The SR3 is now set to be launched by mid-to-late March.


To note, this isn’t their first attempt at the go around. Retro-Bit have been at this awhile, having previously also released the RetroDuo Portable—which lets you play your NES, SNES and Genesis games on-the-go—as well as their Gen-X Console which combined both the NES and Genesis into one.


The Super Retro Trio will set you back US$69.99 while the Super Retro Advance—which lets you play those GBA games by plugging into the SNES socket—is going for a further $44.99.

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