Play With Me Requires Real-World Solutions To Escape Its Puzzle-Loving Serial Killer

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Play With Me will require players use mirrors, microphones, or their own hand to solve its puzzles, demanding they get resourceful with their real-world surroundings in order to escape the clutches of a serial killer.


Robert Hawk’s wife has gone missing, and the police suspect a serial killer known as Illusion, one Hawk has been looking into as an investigative journalist. Hawk doesn’t have long to wonder about this though, as he soon finds himself trapped in the killer’s unsettling house of puzzles, and must figure them out to escape alive and hopefully rescue his wife.

Players will need to use tools in their own home to solve many of Play With Me’s puzzles. From covering different parts of a note with their hand to get a better view of the numbers, to seeing things from a specific angle using a mirror, to blowing out a candle with their microphone, players will need to bring their own equipment to get through the game’s challenges.


Puzzle solving with one’s life on the line can be draining on the sanity, though. Players will have to manage Hawk’s mental state throughout the game, doing so by taking a minute to relax with an in-game minigame, checking texts, or recording a diary. The events that will tax Hawk’s sanity are somewhat randomized, though, so there is no telling what will whittle the character’s mind down at a moment’s notice.

Play With Me is available on Amazon.

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