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Digimon Adventure (the PSP game) will cover all of the anime as well as the movie “Our War Game”. In addition, it will also include original content, referred to as “Sub-episode quests”.


The game can be split into three sections—adventure, battle, and raising. Not much is known about the “raising” aspect yet, but some specifics about the adventure and battle sections have been released.


Between each episode, you can choose which episode you want to see (rather than where you want to go) from a menu. Then you select the three children and Digimon you want on your team.


For the most part, it seems like every episode will take place in a single field as you explore the area and experience the events in the anime. Digimon appear on the field similar to how they do in Digimon World; however, the battle seems to be popular RPG fare, with a turn gauge (similar to those seen in the Atelier games or even in Final Fantasy X) and action choices such as Attack, Guard, Item, and Escape.  It also looks like you can evolve in battle to use stronger attacks.


It’s no surprise the main cast from Digimon Adventure (the anime) appear in the game, but for those new to the series, here’s a quick glimpse of four pairs of children and their Digimon.


Taichi Yagami is an energetic boy, quite like what you’d usually expect from shounen fare. However, on top of being courageous and athletic, he’s also very good at taking care of the others and just being the leader of the bunch. His Digimon, Agumon, is a rather carefree Digimon who will charge into battle right alongside Taichi when he’s in one of his more reckless moods.


Sora Takenouchi is every bit as active as Taichi is—in fact they played soccer together—but despite being the tomboy she’s also very sensitive and ends up taking on the “older sister” role of the group. Piyomon, an honest, sweet bird Digimon, can often be seen clinging to her side.


Yamato Ishida is usually considered the “lone wolf” of the group, although this is actually more often a misnomer than not for the cool-headed boy. He’s the most serious of the bunch and always opts for the most cautious route. He considers himself responsible for everyone’s safety, but he keeps an especially close eye on his younger brother, Takeru. Gabumon (a reptile Digimon despite appearances) is a rather shy, meek type who nevertheless will always stand by Yamato’s side.


Koushirou Izumi is the second youngest and the brains of the bunch. His desire to pursue knowledge and his interest in computers (evidenced by how he actually brought a laptop to summer camp) makes him irreplaceable in the group, but sometimes he gets too carried away in solving the problems in front of him that he ignores everything else, including his friends. Tentomon is a friendly, laidback bug who is a well of information… although not all of the information is completely reliable.


Finally, in addition to Kuwagamon and Shellmon, other enemy Digimon that have been announced are Seadramon, Andromon, and Mushmon.


Food for thought:

1. It’s a shame and no surprise, but it doesn’t look like they’ll be using the movie art anywhere in the game.


2. It looks like the “episode” titles in the game are exactly the same as the anime episode titles.


3. So far, all of the characters have retained their original voices.

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