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Play Over 50 Songs In Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy [Update]


Theatrythm: Final Fantasy isn’t too far off; Square Enix will release the game in Japan this winter, and according to Japanese retail blog, Sinobi, revealed to Famitsu that it will have over 50 songs spanning the original Final Fantasy to Final Fantasy XIII.


Earlier, we reported that Theatrhythm is split up into episodes, each one representing one of the thirteen games. Each episode is further split up into three stages: field, battle and event. It sounds like one piece of music corresponding to each of those stages will be picked from the thirteen games, adding up to the game’s 50+ playlist.


Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy will also have surround sound. Square Enix revealed that the game originally started out as a Nintendo DS project, but was moved to the Nintendo 3DS due to cartridge space issues. This also lead to a great improvement in sound quality.


Amongst the monsters in the game, you’ll see faces like Final Fantasy VIII’s Gesper. Chocobos, too, will make an appearance in the game, as will some version of Cid.


Update: Bombs, behemoths, and other famous monsters from the Final Fantasy series will make an appearance in this title too. While the characters are based on the Kingdom Hearts avatars, players will not be able to dress the heroes in Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy.


Characters level up by gaining "Rizupo," which I think this is a portmanteau for rhythm points. During the game Theatrhythm will only use original music. Players will hear arranged themes in the menu. Theatrhythm: Final Fantasy is slated for release this winter in Japan.

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