Player Victories Tell The Tale Of Discordia: Guardians of the Domain

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Discordia: Guardians of the Domain, a game of online tactical PVP in which player victories add to a point pool for their faction that will eventually decide the fate of the world, is looking to raise funding on Kickstarter.




Players will be able to choose one of three factions called Pillars when they create their unit. These pillars – Primal (nature), Empyreal (religion), and Arcane (technology) – all have their own units, guardians (powerful characters that represent the player), and special abilities that are unique to them.




After choosing a Pillar, Guardian, and setting up their units, players can attack or defend territory from players on opposing Pillars. Victory grants the player Essence which goes toward a global pool for that Pillar. The players with the highest Essence at the end of a season will gain special in-game rewards, and the winning Pillar will dictate how the game’s story moves on in later chapters.



Each unit will also be a part of one of 15 archetypes, which will give that particular unit unique traits in comparison to other members of that same style of unit. These include different attacks and special powers, making not only unit choice, but which particular style of that unit you want, important.




In combat, Guardians can upgrade and unlock one combat ability per turn, encouraging strategy in how their abilities enter play. For units, each one has a loyalty cost that is in line with its strength, meaning players will have to carefully choose between a handful of high-powered units or many low-powered ones.




The battle is carried out in phases. A player has a pool of ability points to decide what their entire party will do, and will decide all of their units’ moves at the same time. They will also all execute at the same time. Successful attacks or maneuvers will give the player Essence as well, which can be used by units in combat to execute extremely powerful hidden moves that can heal, attack, or create other effects.

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