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Players Can Chose Their Route Through Super Hydorah’s Shmup Action



Super Hydorah offers many hidden secrets and multiple routes that players will have to watch out for while shooting up enemy pilots and alien beings, offering multiple ways to complete the shmup.


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Super Hydorah pits players against the Meroptians, a race of bio-mechanical beings that seek to conquer. As the best pilot in the galaxy, players will have access to a ship and the various power-ups that will alter its weapons and mobility, using various shot types and their dodging skills to avoid gunfire, ships, and the hostile plant and animal life that creeps along each stage’s surface.


Players can, alone or in co-op, tackle the game’s twenty-one levels, facing off against thirty-five huge mechanical bosses as best they can. Players will have some choice in how to tackle each level through multiple routes, offering varying challenges, but will want to poke around for secrets that can grant them more useful weapons or unlock other endings for the game.


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Super Hydorah is another game from Locomalito, developer of Curse Castilla (Maldita Castilla). As such, it is proudly retro-inspired, with a high difficulty level designed to push shmup fans to their limits.


Super Hydorah is currently raising votes on Steam Greenlight, and is planned to released on Xbox One as well.

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