Players Decide How To Survive In Proxyndic’s Cyberpunk Future



Once players walk off of their shuttle in Proxyndic, they’re on their own in a hostile future, left to find ways to survive and thrive in this cyberpunk world.




There is no official government in Proxyyndic, and the world is run by a series of corporations, militias, and syndicates, all battling for supremacy. Players will be left to do whatever they like in this world, having to deal with the consequences later.


Survival can mean many things in this game. Players are free to gamble, trying to raise money through high-stakes card games. They can join a faction, doing work for them, but will have to deal with the fallout from rival gangs. They can also set out to form their own syndicate, play the stock market, or get an ordinary job, finding many different ways to make the money they need.




Proxyndic’s vision of the future is a dangerous one, though, and players may need to defend themselves using guns or hand-to-and combat. They will steadily grow as they fight, gaining new powers and increased stats through the game’s RPG levelling system. They can also hire bodyguards to keep them safe, or just try to keep a low profile, staying out of sight and locking their doors at night.


Players will have to attend to more than their financial needs, making sure they’re fed and well rested. Enemies are not the only thing that can kill the player in this game.




Proxyndic has already passed through Steam Greenlight, and is expected to release in Q2 this year.

Alistair Wong
Very avid gamer with writing tendencies. Fan of Rockman and Pokémon and lots more!