Players Will Guide The Romantic Actions Of All The Characters Of Elisa: The Innkeeper



Rather than have the player act as one character, visual novel Elisa: The Innkeeper has players controlling all of them, guiding their actions through dialogue choices that will lead the story.




Elisa: The Innkeeper takes players to a fantasy vision of Italy, taking them to a world of lords, knights, and their amorous intents toward Elisa, an innkeeper.


Players will shape the story of all of these characters through dialogue choices, each of which will affect the karma of the character. These decisions can turn a character good, bad, or somewhere in between, and this will affect the character and the story in various ways. Certain karma levels will also unlock personality traits in each character, creating whole new avenues for the story to take from then on.




Elisa: the Innkeeper is available now on Steam Early Access. As the game develops, more quests and acts will be added to it, letting players further explore the world using the characters they’ve created through their decisions.

Alistair Wong
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