Players Will Need To Stick & Move To Survive The Live Battles Of Dungeon Crawler Fight Knight


Fight Knight does away with the swords and shields of most first-person dungeon crawlers, instead having players put up their dukes and punch skeletons, wizards, monsters, and anything else that gets in their way.


Fight Knight will have players exploring various dungeons throughout its brightly-colored worlds, seeking to ascend The Tower, a mysterious amalgamation of dungeons and deadly locations. Getting through it will require some had knuckles, as the game’s hero is unwilling (or perhaps unable) to use anything but their fists in live combat.

Battles against Fight Knight’s enemies are handled from first person punching matches, with foes approaching from the front and launching attacks at the players. The player can punch these foes with a quick button press, do an uppercut by pressing down then attacking, or fire off a flurry of blows by hammering the attack button. However, the protagonist has little health, so blocking or stepping to the back or side will be key to staying in the fight. A carefully-timed block, though, opens up room for powerful counters, so it may be worth the risk to delay a block. That said, enemies do not wait their turn to attack in groups, so players cannot get carried away while punching.


Punching is not just a combat ability in Fight Knight, as it has also been incorporated into the exploration aspects. Players can punch walls to unveil secrets, punch characters to engage in conversations, or punch doors to open them, tying all aspects of the game into the player’s clobbering abilities. This, naturally, encourages a certain silliness in events as well, although this does not take away from how quickly enemies can down a careless pugilist.

Fight Knight is currently in development.

Alistair Wong
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