Playism Also Bringing Touhou Platformer Takkoman To The West



Playism has already announced that it’s publishing the first western release of a Touhou game. But now it has two more Touhou-related announcements.


First off, the English version of Touhou 14: Double Dealing Character will be available exclusively on Playism’s English store on May 7th for $14.99.



Secondly, Playism has also revealed that the English version of popular Touhou action platformer Takkoman will also be available on its store on the same day, May 7th, at $9.99.


Playism describes it as a “hard-as-nails side scrolling platformer with gigantic bosses, Takkoman takes the adorable Touhou characters and sets them in a world far more dangerous than their aesthetic lets on.”

Chris Priestman