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PlayStation 2019 Wrap-up Shows Your Year in Review and Rewards You

playstation 2019 wrap ups

In both North America and Europe, Sony has begun a PlayStation 2019 Wrap-up. Users can log into the company’s website with their PlayStation Network account to see a page that goes over their stats for the year. At the end of it, after checking everything out, you can redeem a prize that gives you a dynamic theme and an avatar connected to one of seven sorts of gaming “identities” inspired by your activities.

The first thing the PlayStation 2019 Wrap-up does is go over the total number of games you played in 2019 and mention your top three. For example, Dragon Quest Builders 2 was my most played game after with, well, 114 hours. (Death Stranding and Code Vein came in second and third.) It then looks at your top genre by going over how many games in a certain genre you played. From there, it goes over how many hours total you played in 2019, with stats about how long you were online or which day of the week you tended to play the most. After that, it checks in with how many trophies you earned and PlayStation Plus games you downloaded, as well as the game you played the most online.

After a few ads, your PlayStation 2019 Wrap-up assigns you your title and lets you claim your reward. For example, my 2019 title ended up being Action Hero. As a result, I was able to click a button at the official website to go and redeem a prize for checking out my Wrap-up. (Or rather, it should. At 8am CT on January 14, 2020, it wasn’t quite working right and I wasn’t able to claim the dynamic theme and avatars.)

Sony isn’t the only company to offer this kind of 2019 year in review. Late at the end of 2019, Nintendo offered a similar site people could check. However, it didn’t offer any rewards.

Jenni Lada
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