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PlayStation 4 Might Get A Twin Stick Joystick Compatible With A Certain Magical Virtual-On


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This week, Japanese health machine product maker Tanita announced a new ‘Twin Stick Project’ for A Certain Magical Virtual-On on PS4, and it was revealed that they want to make a twin-stick arcade stick that mimics the Virtual-On series’ arcade control scheme. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]


Compared to previous joysticks with this design, the twin sticks will be able to be moved in eight directions compared to four directions. Tanita also wants to make the internal layout simple so that customization and fixing the joystick are easily doable. Sega Games and Sega Group will be assisting the making of the stick… that is, if it is made at all.


twin stick project


The Twin Stick Project will be Tanita’s first foray into video game accessory making, and will be a crowdfunded project. The twinstick joystick is currently up on Campfire, aiming for a grand total of 277,000,000 yen in funding. ($2,529,010 in USD) The deadline for the crowdfunding effort is on July 30, 2018.


According to Tanita, the reason they decided to foray into video game accessories is that ‘continuing to enjoyably play’ is also an important part of staying healthy. They reached out to crowdfunding as a way to directly speak to the market, and what they believe the market needs. Crowdfunding also bypasses the need to go through traditional company structure, removing various inhibitors that stop projects like this from being made.


A Certain Magical Virtual-On is available on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita.

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