PlayStation 4

PlayStation 4 Reaches 102.8 Million Shipments To Become Second Best-Selling Console Of All Time



Sony Interactive Entertainment shared its consolidated financial results for the second quarter of the fiscal year and three months-ended September 30, 2019. The PS4 has reached a new milestone, making it the second best-selling console of all time after passing the original PlayStation (102.49 million) and Wii (101.64 million).



In Q2 of FY19, the PlayStation 4 has sold 2.8 million units. In the first quarter we previously reported that the total sales were at an estimate of a clean 100 million units sold, so with the 2.8 million added the total now sits at 102.8 million units as of September 30, 2019.


As for full game software sales, they sold 61.3 million units in the second quarter, a bit of a drop from the same time last year which saw 75.1 million units sold. The previous quarter saw a rise in digital sales but this number has also dropped for the second quarter of FY19.



The above gives us a full breakdown of all game & network services segment sales.



Keep in mind that Sony stated that PS4 hardware sales are expected to be lower this year and they’ve lowered their sales forecast of 15 million units sold in the fiscal year to 13.5 million. It’s safe to chalk that up to the company readying for the launch of the PS5 next year.


The PlayStation 4 first released in November 2013 in North America and Europe, followed by a Japanese launch in February 2014.

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