Last week, Bethesda released The Evil Within in Japan, and it sold 124,244 copies across PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4. In their weekly report, Japanese sales tracker Media Create provide a little more data on the game’s performance.


The PlayStation 3 version of The Evil Within sold 59,388 copies and sold through 62.18% of its shipment. Unfortunately, while the PlayStation 4 version wasn’t far behind at 59,204 copies sold, it saw a far lower sell-through of 54.09%. For some reason, Bethesda shipped more copies for PS4, but that didn’t quite work out as they had planned.


Additionally, The Evil Within didn’t have much of an effect on PlayStation 4 hardware sales either (an increase of less than 1,000 units over the week prior), which means that most people that wanted to play the game already owned the system.


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