PlayStation Bag Collection Features Original Graffiti Art, 90s Designs

PlayStation bag

Japanese retailer MSY will begin selling a collection of PlayStation bags, backpacks, pouches, and wallets starting August 31, 2021. The collection will be released by the GRAPHT GAMING LIFE brand, known for its gaming apparel and accessories.

Each piece from the new collection will feature one of three unique redesigns of the PlayStation shapes logo. These include the spray art design, the 90s design, and the more traditional Japanese brushstroke design.

The graffiti-like design is meant to have a street feel, and to capture the culture of 1994, when the PlayStation was originally released. The 90s design utilizes the pop design popular in the era, and looks like something you’d see on the carpet in an old-fashioned bowling alley. The Japanese origins of the system come through in the brushstroke print, incorporating a subtle touch of the country’s traditional culture. Each of the available bags have the PlayStation shapes logo woven into the adjustable straps.

Pouches will sell for ¥5,860 (or $53). The wallet case with neck strap will be ¥3,800 (or $34), while the bags will sell for ¥4,980 (or $45).

All items will be available to purchase from GRAPHT GAMING LIFE website, though these only ship within Japan. Rakuten also stocks GRAPHT merchandise and allows international shipping.

Carley Garcia
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