Nippon Ichi opened two Disgaea 3 lounges in PlayStation Home. Mao’s room has Disgaea 3 Block which has a trick sort of like the Stroop effect. When you start the game giant text tells you to press the circle button. Actually, you need to press the X button to start the game.



The instructions are intentionally deceptive too. The picture tells you Raspberyl, Almaz, and Mao are mapped to square, triangle, and circle respectively. While the real instructions set X for Mao.



Aside from the mind games Disgaea 3 Block is simple. You just have to press square, triangle, and X to clear photos of the three star characters. So, in this example if you press square one Raspberyl photo will vanish. If you hit circle nothing happens. But if you clear all of the Raspberyl photos and hit square the game ends. A neat addition given the mischievous nature of the underworld and its denizens.

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