PlayStation Ichiban Kuji Merchandise Includes Controller Cushion, PS5 Bank

ichiban kuji playstation header

Bandai Spirits revealed its line-up of merchandise for its PlayStation Ichiban Kuji. As the name suggests, all of the items look like PlayStation consoles or PlayStation-related symbols. It will cost 700 JPY (~$5) per attempt, and the lottery will be available in Japan from December 3, 2022. Like other Ichiban Kuji lotteries, you can buy them online or in physical stores. [Thanks, Inside Games!]

The prizes for the Ichiban Kuji for PlayStation series are:

  • A Prize: PS5-shaped savings box bank
  • B Prize: PlayStation-shaped storage container
  • C Prize: Tote bag
  • D Prize: Tableware (6 items)
  • E Prize: Towel collection (4 items)
  • F Prize: Rubber charm collection
  • Last One Prize: PlayStation controller shape cushion
  • Double Chance Campaign: PS5-shaped savings box

When you click the “open” button for the PlayStation-shaped storage container, it opens up the disc cover. The box is around 19.5 centimeters in size, which means it’s perfect for small items such as accessories. As for the tableware, there are six items to choose from. You can choose cups with the PlayStation logo and the four symbols (triangle, circle, square, X). There are also coasters of the buttons.

The PlayStation Ichiban Kuji will be available from December 3, 2022. Sony announced in late October 2022 that sales of the PS5 have surpassed 2 million units in Japan. The longer time it took the PS5 to reach this milestone compared to the PS4 is due to external factors such as COVID-19 and supply issues.

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