The PlayStation TV—which isn’t actually a TV, but a Vita without a screen that requires a TV to work—will be released in North America on October 14th. Europe will get the device on November 14th. In a FAQ on their PlayStation Blog, Sony have addressed a bunch of questions about the upcoming system.


Most questions about the PlayStation TV have already been answered in the past, but one of the things Sony point out in their FAQ is that the device will support their PlayStation Now streaming service. The Now service will be available for PlayStation Vita and PlayStation TV on October 14th, and you can find more details here.


In order for PS Now to work, you’ll need an Internet connection ranging from 5-12 Mbps. A list of games that you will be able to stream as part of the PS Now open beta is available here. Meanwhile, a list of games that can be played natively on PlayStation TV can be found here.


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