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PlayStation Store may Remove Buy Option for PS3, PSP, Vita Content

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Rumors suggest that Sony’s PlayStation Store on mobile and browser may soon remove the ability to buy PS3, PSP, and PS Vita content. French site Planète Vita reported receiving screenshots of an email allegedly sent by Sony promoting a large overhaul coming to the PlayStation Store. The report was then relayed by tipster Wario64 via tweet:

The update, scheduled for October 19th and 28th, 2020, will target the PlayStation Store website and mobile app. The update would supposedly remove the ability to wishlist or purchase content for the PS3, PSP, and PS Vita when visiting the PSN store via the site or mobile app. Device-based access, however, would be unaffected, meaning Vita, PS3, and PSP owners would be able to access the store through their respective devices. Any previously purchased content would remain downloadable, as well.

Among other changes reported by another story on Push Square, the update would end up wiping existing wishlists, possibly in advance of a store-wide revamp ahead of the PlayStation 5’s launch.

If true, the PlayStation Store update rumors could prove unpopular. While the PSP, Vita, and PS3 have long been considered “legacy” hardware, many people still own them, and new developments still arrive even today. For example, in July 2020 PS3 players of Metal Gear Solid V achieved the only legitimate instance of total (in-game) nuclear disarmament. Similarly, the PS Vita and PSP, while never hugely successful outside Japan and Asia, still gathered a sizeable fanbase and a number of still exclusive titles. Until recently, the PS Vita (and its PS TV spinoff) was the only place to play Persona 4 Golden.

Additionally, while the device-based access will be retained, many users report accessing the PlayStation Store on the legacy platforms has been a suboptimal experience at best, full of bugs or stability problems. True or not, fans of the PS3, PSP, and Vita are would probably do well to download what they can or take stock of their physical copies, just in case.

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